Salvation Army

I am going to state the has been down right frigid so far this winter. Yes, yes, I know I live in Minnesota. But seriously having a high which is still below 0F is just dang right COLD!

It is times like these that I am very thankful for having warm clothes and a warm place to not only be in during the day (my office or the hospital) but also at night (my toasty bed with electric blanket). There are never times when I am searching for shelter. At the very most I run from a warm building to a car that will heat up within minutes. I am blessed.

There are many in our community that are struggling. They don't have this basic essential of life. Locally in Mankato, MN there has been a lot of discussion about how our non-profits are wearing thin try to keep up with the ever growing needs of men, women and children. This includes shelters and emergency housing.

I encourage each of us to find a cause locally and support it. Something that will truly impact a person's day, week, life. Today, I drove down to the Salvation Army and donated just a few toiletries and a pair of wool winter socks. The woman at the front desk was extremely kind and expressed her gratitude. I wish I had given more. I hope to continue to donate either my time or with items the shelter or it's residents need.
Many that seek help at our local shelters are not "bums". They are just like you and me. Some may have "had it all" to only have lost a job, gotten sick or run into trouble and it "all" fell away. Some have mental illness, are veterans, problems with drug or alcohol abuse or "choose" this life. But truly, does it matter? A human cannot survive the elements like this and I refuse to sit by and judge them or think someone else will help. I will help. Will you help?
The Men's Shelter provides a warm place to stay and sleep from 6pm to 8am. There they are able to shower, eat a supper, have fellowship and have morning breakfast. The Salvation Army in Mankato also offers a free noon meal and bread distribution program Monday to Friday. For more information go to The Mankato, MN Salvation Army Please call 507-345-7840 to see what their needs are and how you can volunteer.

How do you give back locally? What charities do you partner with?


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