Product Review: Willow Creek Soap

Willow Creek Soap is a handmade soap made locally in Minnesota. I originally found this soap at the Mankato Famers Market.

I have bought several of their scents over the summer months, I have really fallen in love with their Sandalwood.

Willow Creek's Sandalwood soap is warm, creamy and manly. It has a definite smell without being overbearing. The bar soap lathers well (not super bubbly) and with ease will clean away sweat and grime. Willow Creek Soap never uses animal products, it's base is made from olive, coconut or soy oils.

I really enjoy buying this soap in person at the farmers market. It just puts a smile on my face to purchase a local product that works so well and is natural.

I can't wait to continue to try out their different scents and also their different soap lines. They have quite a few lines: herbal soaps, floral scents, fruity scents, oatmeal blends, up north soaps, Minnesota mud and global garden hemp soaps.

Willow Creek Soap can be purchased online as well, they can be found here.
What local bath or beauty products do you recommend? Are there any Minnesotan hair, skin or nail products that you know of? 


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