GingerPDesigns Q&A

What is your business?  When was it established? 
Ginger P Designs is a stationery business that specializes in custom wedding invitations, save the dates, programs, modern greeting cards and other custom paper goods. Established in 2010. 
Where are you based out of? 
Janesville, MN near Mankato MN 
Why are you in business? 
When we got married, my favorite part was designing our invitations and we got lots of positive feedback on them so that gave me the confidence to open my own etsy shop just for a fun side thing where I could earn some extra shopping money :)
What is your education? Prior Work Experience?  How did you get the skills necessary to run this type of business? 
I have a bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and I worked for a company in Mankato doing Marketing and graphic design where I worked full time before pursuing Ginger P full time in 2012! I am a self-taught graphic designer, but my marketing/business background definitely helped me in the promotion and accounting part of the business that I feel many who first start running a business on their own either don't enjoy, struggle with or have to hire someone for those duties. 
How did you get started in business? 
I opened an etsy shop online and grew my online business through that and also relied on being at "that age" where a lot of our friends were getting married which helped to spread the word locally for what I do.
Can you describe your customers? 
They are a lot like me :) I typically base new products or ideas on the notion of "would I like it?" "would I want that?" because my typical customer is a bride in her 20's who enjoys good design and personal touches. 
What is in the future for your business?
I hope to continue to do what I love everyday whether that is out of my home or a small studio somewhere, but no matter what I always hope to be in the stationery industry because it is my passion. 
Where do you locally advertise/market or sell your items in Minnesota? 
I have done several bridal shows in the Mankato area, along with recently reaching out to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have had great success with those and enjoy the face to face time with brides-to-be. I have never done a craft market or etsy pop-up shop but I do think that would be fun to try someday.


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