Bake Sales Alive and Well

I'm pretty sure this was the first bake sale I have ever participated in. Is that odd for being 28 years old?

Anyway, the bake sale was to raise funds for an amazing organization, Special Olympics Minnesota. I am participating in their annual Polar Plunge Event.

Why? Is jumping into freezing cold icy water with recent temps that have been historically low on my bucket list? No. Is promoting people of all abilities or disabilities to a have a healthier, better and more joyous life something I want to support? YES!

The plunge is February 1st in St. Peter, MN. I'm very excited and thankful for all of the donations I have received so far.

The bake sale took place at work since there are I believe 13 others jumping (total there are over 500 jumping at the St. Peter location). I made Raspberry Grapefruit Bread, Italian Parmesan Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread and brought along jars of Peach Bourbon Jelly and Pickled Sweet Peppers. Thank God (and the people who bought) everything sold!

I haven't heard a final count but I think over $500 was raised. AMAZING! There was such a great turn out of tons of different homemade baked goods. YUM!

What are some items you have brought to a bake sale? What are some local organizations you support?


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