A Starry Night Snow Shoe Hike

A and I went on a true winter wonderland adventure. Snow Shoeing!
I hadn't been snow shoeing since my senior year in college and A had never been. I was excited.
The weather was really nice. (we went last weekend) Twenty degrees and very little wind.

To make sure I was prepared for the hike I made sure I had a warm base layer of clothing.
Cotton T-shirt, leggings and wool socks.  Then I layered on top of that. Fleece lined hoodie, snow pants and a wind/water proof jacket.

I also wore my modern "fanny pack" the baggallini triple zip bag. It is a great bag that can be used as wallet, around the waist or cross body. Perfect for just a few items like a headlamp, ID, cash etc.

The hike was hosted by Bent River Outfitters. For $30 a person you get transportation to the hike starting point from the outfitter and back, snow shoe rentals, a snack, a drink and a guide.

The weekend prior there were 24 people on the hike, the day we went there was only A and I. It was really nice to have a private tour. We kept a brisk pace and hiked on The Big Cobb River for about 2 miles. Then set up a fire and had a snack. Talked around the fire, let it burn down and then shoed the 2 miles back.

We saw deer, bald eagles, turkey tracks, multiple beaver dams and heard owls talking back and forth.
It was a really great evening spent perfectly enjoying the outdoors and the winter season.


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