Spring is FINALLY reaching Minnesota. The weather has still been cool, 40's to 60's. Even had a few days I think that got into the 70's. None the less, it is nice enough to get outside and start cleaning up and sprucing the yard.
This is year two at our house. Last year, A. worked extremely hard at clearing the left hillside of weeds and underbrush.  The hillside had been unattended for years. I planted a few plants and flowering bushes that hopefully survived this winter and will comes back this year.
This past fall A. and I raked up as many leaves as possible. I'm glad we did but there are so many leaves laying on the ground now.
In just a few hours I picked up quite a pile of sticks.
The hill will definitely look better this year than last but we know it won't be ideal this year or probably next.
Thank goodness, A. is so hard working and we will continue to tackle it together. What outdoor projects are you doing this year? gardening? new deck?