St. Peter, MN Polar Bear Plunge: Special Olympics Minnesota

I did it and I have proof!
Thank you to all who supported me and the Special Olympics.  The Polar Bear Plunge was hugely successful. There were over 600 jumpers and over $77,000 dollars was raised at just our location alone!

There are countless jumps still going on across Minnesota and I have no doubt that The Special Olympics will reach their goal of raising $1 million dollars.

Our team first met at Patrick's in St. Peter for a pre-jump beverage and lunch.  Then quickly went over to the pond, checked in and waited until it was our time to leap.
The event was incredibly organized and amazingly arranged. There was a super fun atmosphere. Everyone was smiling, laughing and just having an awesome time. They called groups by the colors of their wrist band that you got when you checked in. When your color was called, you brought your after jump clothes and towel into the warming tent. Then lined up to take the fun yet nerve racking walk across the pond to the open water.

It all seems like a blur. One minute I'm walking across the lake. Next minute I'm there at the edge of icy water and a man on the bull horn is counting One, Two, Three, JUMP! Ahhh! And I did it!!!
(I'm the one in the green hat on the left)
The water was well, duh! Cold!  It went up to my chest and I quickly hauled it our there. I didn't run straight for the hot tubs like a lot of people did. I ran straight for the warming tent. I wanted out of my soaking wet clothes and to dry off.
I'm glad I took the plunge. I don't regret it for a moment. It is a memorable thing to say I have done and I'm so glad I could support The Special Olympics Minnesota. Next year, I may not jump but would definitely consider helping with the event in some way (registration, passing out coffee, etc.)
And the my friends is how Minnesotan's do successful a fundraiser!


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