6 Mile Cellars Wine Review by Dominic Bianco

A special thanks to Dominic Bianco for creating this post about a delicious wine from a winery located in Erie, PA.

After a long day of work, school, writing my YA novel series (Shameless plug: Check out The Apparition Saga available on Amazon) working on art projects, and spending time with family and friends I love sitting down with a glass of wine and getting reacquainted with my DVR.
                  Recently, while at a farmers market in my hometown of Bethel Park, PA I came across a wine stand. 6 Mile Cellars located in Erie, PA is my new favorite winery. They feature several different types from wonderful whites to rich indulgent reds.
                  Patrick Walsh and Barton Towell are the creators of 6 Mile Cellars. They opened their doors in May 2012 in Harborcreek, PA and wine lover’s have been pouring and enjoying ever since. If you’re ever in Erie and have a chance to check out their facilities make sure to check out 6 Mile Cellar’s renovated tasting room. Located a few yards away from 6 Mile Creek the structure was once a barn used to house horses but now it houses guests intent on sampling all that 6 Mile has to offer. And if staying in isn’t your thing, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it in the vineyard.
                  The types of wine offered at 6 Miles Cellars are as followed…
-        Chardonnay
-        Vignoles
-        Winsome White
-        Traminette
-        Niagara

-        Cabernet Franc
-        Syrah
-        Winsome Red
-        Derby Red

While at the Farmers Market I had the opportunity to sample all of these delicious wines. While I enjoyed all of them, my personal favorite was the Derby Red. Decadent and slightly floral with just the right amount of sweetness. I highly recommend picking up a bottle and enjoying a moment to yourself.

6 Mile Cellars Contact Info:
5727 Firman Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510
Phone: (814) 580-8375


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